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Care Values in Health and Social Care

             The first part of this course work is two tasks which will give an overview of care values such as dignity, respect, safeguarding and the person centered approach on how they have been implemented when working with older individuals and young adults with learning disabilities throughout different activities in a health care setting. .
             The second part of this course work is a reflective account which describes how the care values have been demonstrated whilst supporting older individuals and young adults with learning disabilities. It also discusses how important these values are within the two groups and their potential impact of the effective and ineffective application of care values on an individual from each of the two groups.
             Task 1 .
             The first task is about volunteering at a health and social care setting which is a day care for older individuals helping carrying out arts and crafts activities whilst demonstrating the following care values: .
             Dignity .
             After the activity room has been set up, I welcomed all the service users, some were still able to walk themselves in the room and some needed support when walking and some were in wheelchairs. Despite their different health problems due to aging, I did not judge or treat any one of them differently. During the activity, some service users told me about their past, most of the man talked about the World War and how proud they were about serving for their country which I also have respect on. One service user asked if I could take him to the bathroom. I excused myself in appropriate manner from the other service users who I was helping at that time and they did not mind. I went to the service user and addressed him with his first name as he had told me when I first met him. He was able to get himself from the chair and I walked him to the bathroom without rushing him, when he was in the bathroom I made sure that he was seated appropriately on the toilet seat and I told him that I was going to shut the door and give him some private time.

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