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In today's world we can see advertising all around us, where ever we go. Media has become exceedingly influential at this present time than ever before. It consists of the television, the radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines, billboards and we can even see it on the streets. Although maybe we don't detect all of it, we know that advertising has been around for many years and it has become a huge part of our society.

In this essay I will try to reveal how media is used to manipulate us in order to buy a certain product or use a service. I will also explain the purpose of the media, the history of advertising and why advertising is used so much. I will also focus on two advertisements and clarify the techniques used and how they affect us.

There are many different ways in which media is used to advertise products, services etc, and in all cases advertisements are designed for a specific target audience using various techniques such as language, slogans, hyperboles etc.

Traces of advertisements have also been found on the ruins of the ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Hercluaneum, although in most of the rest of ancient times, advertising was passed on by word of mouth. Nevertheles

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