Witchcraft in The Crucible

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In The Crucible, a lot of conflict was going on about witchcraft. For example, a lot of people were being accused of it. This would make people frustrated. There really was no way to be free if you ever were accused of being a witch. People were getting into trouble for these accusations.

Abigail, Tituba, and others were hanging out in the woods performing a ritual. For example, Parris catches Abigail, Tituba and others doing a ritual, and one was even dancing naked (Act 1, Scene 1). This shows that it doesn't look good for them to be doing that. This is because they look like they are witches when they were dancing naked and chanting. As a result, Abigail, Tituba and others look like they are witches because Parris catches them performing a ritual.

Betty Parris lies still in her bed with others saying that she is a victim of witchcraft. For example, after she came back from the woods where a ritual was performed, she just lies in her bed all day long (Act 1, Scene 1). This shows that Betty somehow was affected by the witchcraft that went on. This is becau

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