Tae Kwon Do

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It is hard to teach mortals and ethics to today's youth with no help. Some turn to religion, others to parents or elders and then there are the select few who turn to Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do sets a code of mortal principles and ethics, which are not found anywhere else. Children who take Tae Kwon Do tend to do better in life because of basic traditional Tae Kwon Do values taught at almost every martial arts school. It is a unique and interesting sport. Not only does it teach basic skills of self defense, but also develops a student mentally (McDowell). This magnificent sport is still thriving today.

Many say Tae Kwon Do originated in the Silla Kingdom, Korea during the sixth century. The Silla Kingdom was the smallest of the three kingdoms: Baekchae, Koguryo, and Silla, and was always in fear of being overrun by its much larger neighbor, Koguryo. So during the 6th century, Chin-Hung, the ruler of the kingdom of the time, organized a military group of selected young strong men to participant in a regular physical and moral discipline practice which was called t'aekyon (Vision Martial Arts Center).

Some think that the only reason Chin-Hung came up with this style was because the military need an effective way to defe

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