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             The art karate is more than 1000 years old and originated in eastern Asia, first as monastic training and later as a defense method used by Chinese peasants against armed bandits. During the 17th century it became highly developed as an art on the island of Okinawa, Japan. In 1922 karate was introduced to the Japanese public by an Okinawan, Funakoshi Gichin, and the art is today chiefly associated with Japan. It was introduced into the U.S. after World War II. Many types, including Korean (tae kwon do) and Chinese styles, are taught in the U.S. .
             1.) Description of activity: Karate can be done in the karate-training hall or gym, which is called dojo. Karate can also be done at a karate studio, the YMCA, or the Health Facility. Karate is done all year round. .
             2.) Equipment and cost: Equipment that you need is a karate uniform, which is a pajama-like garment worn in all training, it is called gi and the belt, depending on which level you are in (white, orange, green, red, and black), that is tied around the waist. Other useful items are hand-wraps which coast around $15 to $20, hand targets, which are leather-like, covered foam padded target costs around $20 to $30.
             3.) Facilities/ Location site: Some locations outside of school facilities, where you could practice karate are: Palmer Elementary School, YMCA gym, The Fairmont Center at 3325 W. Genesee St. (you can call 487-8722 for help), and another place that you could go for karate is Salt City karate in 500 old Liverpool Rd. and you can call 451-4244 for help.
             4.) Time/ benefit: To practice Karate all you need to do is just three times a week. In which each session would only be about thirty minuets to an hour. Karate helps a person to have a well-fit body, which strengthens muscles and teaches mental discipline. Deep breath exercises are also useful because exhalation and sudden shouts accompany the directed blows. Also, karate makes you more powerful for protection and you become a more confident person.

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