System of Education in the Philippines

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To the Filipino, knowledge is acquired through education. Although they generally agree that education can be obtained inside and outside school, they believe that the primary sources of knowledge are the schools. Thus, the higher a person goes up the formal educational ladder, the more knowledge he or she acquires and expectedly, the more wealth he or she generates or produces. Being wealthy means having power, influence and social prestige. Thus, earning a college diploma means acquiring the key to economic and social opportunities. The supreme ambition of every Filipino family, therefore, is to send every child to college regardless of the sacrifices it might entail on the part of at least one of the children, preferably the oldest child, should get a college degree so that he or she can take care of a younger sibling ¡ ¦s college education, who in turn can assume the obligation of supporting the next younger sibling ¡ ¦s education. The study of Filipino perceptions of schooling revealed that Filipinos have a clear idea of the purpose of formal education. They even viewed education as a process of human capital formation. This just shows how Filipinos value the importance of education.

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