Marriage and Family Values

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There are many myths in America dealing with marriage and family. In chapter one, we learned the real truths behind those myths and how those myths came about. They myth that we lost the extended family, which are grandparents, parents and children, is false. The truths behind this myth is the fact that life expectancy in the past was lower, diseases killed many older peoples, and children left home when they married. The myth stating that people marry because they love each other is somewhat true, but not in all cases. Some people don't marry for love at all, but for reasons such as loneliness, the fact that people might expect the couple to get married, for economic security, etc. Another myth that was brought up in chapter one was the myth that said that having children increases marital satisfaction. In truth, studies show that marital satisfaction decreases for one or both spouses during the child rearing years. One or both parents claim this for reasons such as no time and energy for their relationship and having a child adds financial restraints. Marital status does, in fact, increase when the child or children grow up and leave home. The myth that a good sex life is the best predictor of marital status is also

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