Public Speaking

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Fear of public speaking consistently tops every list of human fears. A face to face speech puts heavy demands on speakers and listeners. The combination of voice, body and personality as well as on-the spot chemistry makes speech a form of communication with compelling vitality. Regardless of the effort and attention given to creating a substantial and worthwhile message without an effective presentation the speech unlikely creates the desire effect. Improving certain aspects in presentations will allow enough experience and confidence to have the ability to successfully speak publicly.

First of all, select a mode of delivery appropriate to the topic, audience, and occasion. Decide early if the speech will be presented informally, given from notes, written out and read or memorized word for word. Settle on the mode used, but have awareness that no speech contains exactly one mode. Even in an off the cuff speech, for example, write out the introduction and conclusion and partially memorize them, this allow to gain confident while speaking. Always memorize the structure of the speech before memorizing the speech word for word. The speaker must stay familiar enough with the manuscript to look and sound as though speaking extemporaneous

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