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Analysis of espn.com

            ESPN offers the best sports coverage on TV because of its great sports castors, best live sports coverage and the huge variety of sports covered. Espn.com is a compliment to the cable channel but delivers more information to your finger tips and continues to explore the idea of TV on the net. Espn.com delivers everything any sports fan would want, through great analysis by the top writers, easy to browse content and through its great use of media technology including the new ESPNMOTION.
             ESPN.com provides the latest and greatest information on sports, on the web. All of the great commentators and analysts that you see each day on Sportscenter, Baseball Tonight, NHL Tonight, and NFL tonight (among more) all write their own columns on PAGE 2. PAGE 2 offers opinions, editorials and up to date polls with an ESPN twist and if you disagree with the articles you are welcome to email the writers, and you are also encouraged to email the site with opinions, questions and comments. The amazing scouts and insight men for ESPN.com also do the best job of any other site that exists online, to get you up to date sporting news. They always have the first news of trades, new signings, and possible retirements. I am a fan of the Orioles and today ESPN.com reported that the orioles made a trade with the Rockies. This trade was posted on ESPN.com before it was posted on MLB.com.
             Another thing about this site that is so great is how the site is laid out. All of the sports that are currently experiencing major stories are all listed on the left on the main page with a little blurb, and a tab to each sport. The middle of the page has the top story of the hour or the day, with a big picture of the event. On the right side of the page all the ESPNNEWS headlines are listed, with the more recent news on the top. The coverage and design of the 4 major sport sites on ESPN.com is incredible. They feature all the best stories and the most interesting statistics.