The VIctimization of Females in Slavery

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In William Craft’s narrative, "Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom," he illustrates the harsh nature of slavery in the socially corrupted and brutal South. He retells stories of his friends, relatives, and most importantly of the brave escape to freedom with his wife Ellen. Throughout his narrative, Craft also portrays the way women and female slaves were viewed and treated in the 1800’s, which accounted for much of the cruelty that came from the slave owners.

In the beginning of the story, Craft describes the painful memories of the time he spent as a slave. He recalls experiencing being separated from both his parents and his siblings. He explains that his parents were sold because they were getting too old and were no longer of any use. He makes the statement: “But how will the case stand with those reckless traffickers in human flesh and blood who plunged the poisonous dagger of separation into those loving hearts which God has for so many years closely joined together.” (Craft, p.8) However, one of the most compelling incidents is the time when his

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