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Important Day

            I waited twelve years to graduate and the day had finally arrived: June 17, two-thousand and three. I struggled through high school after breezing through elementary school. Graduating was a real accomplishment. That morning, I over slept my alarm. Already behind schedule, I scurry to get ready for the big day. My body was overflowing with joy as I considered what graduating meant. I enjoyed my years as a high school student, but the thought of graduating excited me for my future endeavors. I looked forward to the evening festivities, but first I had to run a few errands. .
             With my list of things to do in my hand, I head outside. As I am opening my car door, my sister yells to me, “Your boss from the daycare is on the phone. She needs you at work for a few hours.” Grumbling, I went to work to chase around little children until noon. I requested not to work that day, yet my boss chose to call me anyway. Thankfully, my classroom, the school age children, still had school. Having to work, set me behind my schedule even more. I could never accomplish everything on my list. .
             After leaving work, I met my mom at the orthopedic surgeon. I arrived a few minutes early, and I tried to sign in at the front desk. There was a predicament; the office lost my referral. It was a huge mess. Eventually, another referral was faxed to the specialist’s office, but not after delaying my appointment time another hour. I sat in the waiting area for about half an hour before a nurse summoned me into a room. The surgeon was in with another patient, causing me to wait another twenty minutes. This caused a major setback in my time schedule. .
             I made it to the high school just in time. I climbed the stairs of the bus, as the doors were closing. I sat next to my friends from homeroom, and we had a great time laughing about memories from the past four years. Soon, we pulled into Stabler Arena at Lehigh University.