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Freedom is the most important basic right a person in United States can posses, and the right most often expressed. Americans have four essential freedoms as stated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The first is freedom of speech and expression; the second is the freedom of every person to worship their god in his or her own way; the third is freedom from want; and the fourth is freedom from fear. Franklin Delano Roosevelt also said, "Freedom means the supremacy of human rights. 

Freedom as described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the quality or state of being free, and a political right. Liberty, exemption, immunity, privilege, and right are all words related to freedom. Freedom is not servitude, restraint, slavery or necessity. Instead freedom is the ability to choose. For example, Americans have the right to elect government officials that will represent the wishes and beliefs of the people in the United States. Freedom is also the most important factor in seeking happiness, according to Ruut Veenhoven, a Dutch researcher on happiness. A nation that is truly happy and at peace, will f

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