narrative theory in Underworld

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I have decided to apply the narrative theory to the film ˜Underworld' because this film contains creatures that come straight out of folk and fairy tales that Propp based a lot of his theory on.

Underworld was directed and co written by Len Wiseman. The Film is set in an unnamed city in the US, although all through the film there is a sense of Victorian England despite the modern props and scenery. This is because of the aristocratic style vampires and the pheasant like Lycan's. It has had a mixed reception from critics some saying "it's low budget, is matched only by its poor story  while others have named it "the best piece of cinematography of this year .

I personally thought it quite good enjoying the gothic atmosphere of the film.

Propp argued, "that each important character was connected to a concept of action . He believed that you could group characters and actions under a set of labels. There are eight character roles which he called ˜spheres of action'. Although it is important to remember that one character could occupy several roles during a film, as is the case in Underworld.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale) one of the vampire death dealers is t

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