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             Mythology has had lasting effects on the influence of our society in numerous ways. Western Culture has a relationship to its parent Greek and Roman culture. Mythology contains the basic questions the western civilization has been posing for more than two thousand years. The fantasy element of mythology allows for flexible learning. Though out history there have been many attempts to explain the cultures in the universe. Nearly every individual has his or her own perception of what our universe is. Now in the modern times we live in, advanced scientific knowledge has led us to the assumption that we have a trustworthy grasp on how the universe works. Language, chemistry and physics, along with mathematics, make up the science we use to prove the questions of the universe. Any person educated in these fields will state they know our universe. A person in any of these fields has had to touch base with the origins of the universe. When we examine past cultures as far back as history will allow us, we are forced to recognize the symbolic similarities in language, ideologies, and heroism. .
             I will reveal to you some of these similarities in regarding to our modern language, present ideologies, and the heroism within our societies. We now are using names and symbols from as far back as 800 B.C.E. (Homer) to relate ideas to each other. .
             We acquire these names and symbols from the mythological stories we hear about now. Let us come to a clear understanding of what the words myth and mythology mean today. Webster's Dictionary has this: The collected body or system of the traditions or legends of people in which are embodied in their beliefs concerning their origin, gods, heroes, etc.; the science of myths; a treatise on myths. Webster says a myth is a legend; poetic fiction; a fabulous narrative founded on some event; especially in the early existence of people, and embodying their gods, natural phenomena.

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