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             Since the Beginning of time men have searched for answers for things he could not understand or explain, in his Quest for answers he thought that there was a Greater force or being who controls or looks over the world and everything in it. In this essay we will discuss two different stories comparing differences and similarities of the Christian God and the Greek Gods, and compare stories from each of their literature.
             " God can be either fair and kind or cruel and unkind to mankind." And it can be shown in the story of Prometheus, where he gave onto man the use and knowledge of fire. And for that generosity Zeus punished Prometheus so that he would freeze in the snow's of winter and the summer sun shall burn him, the gods were also thought to be caring and generous by the people. The gods received credit and praise for things such as rain showers, calm seas or a sunny day, etc. .
             In The Book of Genesis The story of Adam and Eve tells about where Eve took a fruit from a tree which God told Adam that the tree is forbidden and he should not eat of it, but Eve eats an apple off this forbidden tree and also offers Adam the forbidden fruit, for this action god punishes them by having women who have children give birth with pain and their sorrows when they suffered would be more deeply felt and they would have to live under the desires of their husbands who would have to work hard to earn food. .
             The Story of Adam and Eve and Prometheus had many differences and similarities, in the book of Genesis there is only one god which differs from Greek mythology which consists of multiple Gods and Goddesses that each have a particular job, responsibility or even duty. As where the God in the book of Genesis Took on all the responsibilities of mankind upon himself. The Greek Gods were mostly part of a family. In which the king of the Gods was Zeus, and he is a tyrant to mankind as well as to his fellow Gods, Unlike the God in the Book of Genesis Who was fair to mankind and generous to the needs of mankind.

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