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Is Media Biased?

             For years people have turned to the media, to find out just what was going on in the world. In today's world the media plays a bigger role than ever. With up to the second communications like the television and internet, the media can deliver news into out homes almost as quick as it happens. Since the world is such a big place filled with so much news, who decides what stories to tell and which to set aside? The editor, reporter, and owner have this power, but could there believe effect what news is reported, and, is it biased? This paper will try and answer that question and hopefully prove that the media is biased. .
             The media seems to be biased by using a copy method. If a few reporters report one single story it seems to end up all across the country. The media copies off of each other to try and keep ratings. Many top stories are decided by what other media distributors run as their own. Wither it's a school shooting or a missing little girl all the media will flock to try and bring the most news they can, often times putting aside other big news stories. This causes the media to have big shifts in its news. If one news organization takes a story alone, soon the others will fallow and copy. .
             Another type of bias is the good news verses bad. This is the idea that bad news makes good news. People always want to see exciting and unpredictable things, and .
             good news cant support theses wants. The media finds that if they show more crime and murder their ratings will rise. Unfortunately, this is true in many ways. People seem to buy the idea that good news is boring. This type of bias makes the world look like a much worse place then it really is.
             The Chomsky's Hegemony theory is also a good example of media bias. It states that the media mostly try's to give more stories to the high classes of people. Norman Chomsky, whom has many titles including Philosopher and Media Critic, says the Hegemony theory is "the propaganda model".

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