Unexpected Surprise

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The Most Unexpected of Nights

It was a chilly night, unusual for July. It had rained a little, so the grass was dewy and my feet were damp and cold. People milled around the lawn while the band set up their instruments to play. My boyfriend of the time was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Those Less Fortunate. Most of the people I already knew and the others I made a point of meeting. There was a keg strategically placed by the hot tub, interesting planning by the host, I thought. Most people were trying to get drunk, fast. Including my friends, especially Leena.

I chatted with another friend of mine, Paul. A drummer with tattoos, not an obnoxious amount. He was at least two heads taller than I am. I saw some other friends of mine enter the backyard with a boy who looked dramatically like Paul. He was a bit shorter, thinner, with a stoical look about him. He had tanned skin, and an earring, and he w

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