The Bermuda Triangle

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It doesn't look any different from other parts of the ocean. The waters are blue and deep, waves lap at the sandy shores of beaches, and seagulls fly through the air. But something is very wrong. At least once a year, a plane or a ship disappears in this area, never to be heard from again.

This mysterious place is called the Bermuda Triangle. It is easy to find the Bermuda Triangle on a map. It runs from the Bermuda Islands, south to Puerto Rico, and West to Miami, Florida. The area covers about forty-four thousand square miles.

Since 1945, over one hundred ships and planes, and more than a thousand people have been lost in this strange area. There are rarely any signs of wreckage or bodies found after disappearance. It's as if the ocean has swallowed everything.

Not every ship or plane that passes through the Triangle disappears. In fact, it is a well traveled area. Planes and ships move through the waters everyday without seeing anything unusual. And yet strange events keep happening.

The Carol A. Deering was a large schooner. One stormy morning in January of 1929, it sailed into the Diamond Shoals at the Cape Hatteras coast Guard station in North Carolina. The ship had it's sails up. The rescue team that set

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