A Memorable Vacation

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A memorable vacation is one that you can never forget. Sometimes it is even hard not to stop thinking about it. Many of the places I have been include Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. All these places are great but each has a non forgettable memory that I store in my head and in my heart. I have had several vacations that bring good memories, but one that I will never forget was my trip to Colombia, because I had a chance to meet my wife's family, experience a different culture, and view some of the greatest, spectacular, panoramic sights in the world.

I have a beautiful wife that has a family in Colombia that I never had the chance to meet. Last year in April, my wife and I decided to plan a trip to go to Colombia so that I may meet her family and enjoy the presence of her mother, father and son. So little by little, we started to save. In October we had the amount needed to purchase the airline tickets and go. My wife was so excited; she could not stop calling everyone on the phone and give them the good news. So we started to shop on the internet and we finally found a good price. It was set December 5th. My Uncle Joseph drove us to Miami International Airport and we c

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