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My text is from the lyrics of a song written by a band called "unwritten law  which falls into the punk rock genre. The song is called "cailin  which is written by the main singer Scott. The song compromises the bands normal style of play by using a softer more melodic, slow paced style of music instead of their regular high energy power-pop style which makes it stand out further in their self titled album "unwritten law .

The text is about the changes the lead singer experienced when he had his child. The song describes the empty feelings he possessed before the child came to his life, and his transitional feelings, from despair to the hope he feels after the child is born.

Through the medium of the song "cailin , the persona expresses his changed emotion through the catalyst of his daughter who gives him new meaning for life, which transforms him into a better person.

The emphasis of the song is drawn from

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