Common Themes of Old Testament Prophets

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Common Themes of the Old Testament Prophets

Amongst the Holy Bible, themes constantly and consistently stream throughout. There are themes of love, hate, covenants, days that will come, justices that need to be brought about, and many more. This is apparent in the Old Testament when studying the prophets at a closer level. There are many prophets that God commissioned and many of were trying to spread similar themes of God.

The first theme to mention is one of the most common themes of all the prophets preaching in the Old Testament: the "Day of the Lord." Amos, Isaiah, and Zephaniah mention this theme multiple times throughout their reign as prophets. It is a day that will be the most terrifying and the most glorious day to date. It will be the horrid for those who have gone against the Lord and disobeyed. While at the same time it will be wonderful for those have lived a life of holiness. The "Day of the Lord  is a future day when the Lord will bring all of his enemies to their final defeat, but for those who have followed him then will be granted final prosperity. Ultimately this day is the final judgment day and ultimately only God's people will be saved.

Amos if the first prophet to speak of the "Da

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