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Love of Enemies

             In his book "Love of Enemies" William Klassen examines the various .
             interpretations of love of enemies in relation to war and peace in the Jewish and Christian .
             faiths. Klassen has three distinct concerns that make an influence on his views on peace. .
             First, Klassen feels he has a responsibility, as a student of the bible, to listen to the .
             word of the bible. He feels that most of the Anglo-Saxon scholars have not done a good .
             job of actually listening to the word and what it really means. Klassen believes that the .
             use of references to the biblical word are all to common in politics. He points out how .
             many politicians make reference to religious ideals as to the backing for their actions. In.
             turn the Church can gain by the same actions which would allow them to find their .
             trustworthy in the public forum. These actions can only be led to raise one question, .
             "What is the message of the bible on peace for us?".
             The second concern that directly influences Klassen his belief in the .
             responsibility he has to the world. When you move from the Word to the world there is.
             a substantial difference that exist. The Word says to always "Love your enemies", In .
             comparison to the message the world sends, God is not considered when it comes to war .
             and conflict. As the world interprets, God will not show his intervention in matters of .
             global conflict. It is seen in biblical history, that god did not stop the disobedient acts of .
             Adam and Eve. Their actions to disobey were that done by their own wills. By this .
             example it is conclusive that the God neither wills nor protests the actions of human .
             conflict. The course these actions may take can only be changed by the will of man.
             Klassens third concern is the influences that notable experiences have made on his .
             reflections. The definition of who is the "enemy" has been one that has been debated .
             through the conflicting actions nations have taken in the past. During the years of war, .

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