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On March 24, 2003 I spoke with Cheryl B concerning the culture of the Graphics Print organization at ADVO Inc. I learned that much is done in the spirit of making it an enjoyable place to spend forty or more hours a week. The organization prides itself on being hardworking and dedicated to the goal of meeting very tight deadlines. Cheryl pointed out that though there is "loads  of work the employees have every opportunity to make it a fun place to be. The month of December is filled with holiday festivities, including several theme parties and a ˜mini me' Christmas tree decorating contest. Where all of the contestants must buy a small Christmas tree plant and attempt to decorate it in a likeness of themselves. I noticed last year even the manager participated.

I believe the participation of the manager fosters open communication with the employees. In speaking with Cheryl B, a graphics print coordinator, I learned that the manager,

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