Where will I be ten years from now.

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By the year 2014, I see my husband and I working full time in the ministry. We will be pastors of one of the largest churches in the country. Our church will have an international outreach mission, which will have tremendous impact on people lives all over the world.

Since charity starts at home. We will establish and oversee the operations of several different facilities here in the United States. Some facilities will help people who are having problems in different areas of lives, while others will be there for assistance.

We will have a facility set up for the senior citizens. This program will help them make their limited source of income stretch farther. It will consist of allowing them to get $75 - $90 worth of grocery for about $40. This will help those out a lot who's only source of income is Social Security. The program will also assist the senior citizens with getting government assistance that they are not aware that they qualify for.

There will be an extension to this program that will branch out to take meals to the homes of the senior citizens. This agenda will be geared toward those whom are shut-in and home bound or have difficulty getting around and helping themselves. While the missionaries

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