A basketball game

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As I look down at my watch, I can't help but notice that I only have thirty more minutes until my shift is over at work. However, the thirty minutes drag at a snail's pace making it appear as though it were hours. Continuing to stare at my watch minute after minute, I quickly was overcome by a reminiscence of a basketball game. My ears hear the sound of my watch tick each minute but my eyes are focused on my feet and arms that are moving uncontrollably; the victory of a vigorously challenging basketball game took place last Tuesday evening. With only five seconds left on the shot clock, my team was only down by one point. These five seconds will determine who wins the game if any point is scored. Knowing this, I quickly dribbled the ball carefully with my left hand securing it as if it were my first born, while my right hand was well prepared to shoot over a defender. As I glance at the shot clock, there is only three seconds until the game is over. It was in these three seconds that I felt as though God was on my team's side because out of no reason, a player who was defending me tripped and fell bottom first on to the court's concrete floor. Curious to know what was going on; his tea

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