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            In life, children grow up indulging in various types of sports. If someone happens to enjoy basketball, there are certain factors which must be completed in order to succeed. When learning how to play basketball, a basketball and basketball hoop will be needed. Also, gym shoes, gym shorts, and a t-shirt are appropriate as well. The steps that will be incurred when reading this will be the relaxation of the body, dribbling, shooting, follow through motion, shuffling of the feet, and repetition.
             In order to succeed in basketball, you must first relax your body. One can relax their body by stretching or even running a few laps. In basketball, it is essential to be in top form because of the constant movement. Now, this next step will require a lot of hand coordination.
             After the relaxation of the body, get a feel for the basketball. Then, using your hands, lightly add pressure to the basketball when dropping it to the ground. If done correctly, the ball should bounce no higher than past your thigh. Try this step at least a dozen times, just so you are familiar with the basketball. Once dribbling up and down is accomplished, try moving in a forward motion and dribbling. It's easiest to first try walking and dribbling, before moving on to .
             a jogging motion. After dribbling is accomplished, this next step might be a bit awkward at first.
             This next step is the trickiest part of basketball. Learning how to correctly shoot the basketball is one of the most important ingredients to succeeding in the game. First you must take the basketball in your hands, and then place your right hand adjacently to your left hand on the ball. Once that is done, depending on whether one is right or left handed, shift that side of the foot forward while the other remains planted. This will transform you into the shooting mode. Once this is done, add pressure with your hands and shoot lightly at the basketball rim.

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