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            The game of basketball has quit a history in how it was developed. Many greats have come and passed through the league and have become yesterdays news. As the tourch is passed to the players of today a path is being made for the games future. The players have changed, the rules have changed, the fans have changed, and the whole aspect of the game has changed. Some people say that the game has changed for the better and some say that it has changed for the worst. It is interesting to look at all the changes that the game has gone through since day one of its existence. .
             Basketball all started with an idea and a peach basket. It began in the town of Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. The head of the International YMCA Training School asked James Naismith to think of some games that the kids can play inside during the winter. A few months later Naismith thought up the idea of basketball. He made thirteen rules and posted them up in the gymnasium. The kids of the YMCA took to the idea and the next day they set up two peach baskets, with the bottom cut out, on both sides of the gym balconies. The teacher, that was there when the game was about to start, set up two teams, assigning nine players to each team. A man by the name of William Chase scored the first basket of the game as his team won 1-0. Basketball was on its way. .
             The game was spreading like fire sweeps through a forest. In the year of 1896 a high school league formed in Colorado. In that same year a professional league was born in New Jersey, in which players were paid 15 dollars per game. Even though that league was a failure basketball continued to expand. In 1901 a college league was organized. Only eight years later the first ever international game was played between the Russian Mayak Sports Club and the YMCA in Saint Petersburg. The American G.I.'s introduced basketball to Europe during World War I. Then, in 1932, the International Basketball Federation was delivered into the world like a new born baby.

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