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            I will present you the sport basketball. Everybody knows it, almost everybody played it once. I will you inform about the history of the game, some important facts and rules.
             Fist some historical facts. Eighteen-hundred-and-ninety-one Dr. James Naismith, professor at the Springfield College in Massachusetts, invented the real basketball. The new sport should be without body-contact. At the beginning there were 9 players for each team but that didn t work. So Naismith reduced the teams to 5 players. Naismith formed a team and let them play against other college-teams. So other colleges began to play the new sport. This is the beginning of the modern basketball. .
             The colleges founded a league called NCAA (that s short for National Collegiate Athletic Association). Now the NCAA is the league for young players who want to go to the NBA, the most important basketball-league. There play the stars who receive more than ten million dollars per year for playing basketball. .
             Today the NBA is the best basketball-league on the planet earth and every kid knows at least the most famous stars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill. .
             First and most important thing is the ball. It s mostly made of leather. Another important equipment every basketball-player cares on are the shoes. .
             Now a short lesson in basketball-rules. There are a lot of different things to know but I ll tell you only the most important ones. A game could be played on one or two baskets. If you play on one basket it s called streetball. If you play on two baskets it s a regular basket-game which is divided into four quarters of twelve minutes. Ten players, five per team play at the same time. They who ve got the ball are in the offence. The other team tries to stop them by getting the ball. So for this sport you have to be able to play offence and defence. .
             In Basketball you have two choices for moving: you can pass the ball to your team member or you can dribble.

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