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Reaction paper to The Day After

             The Day After is a very interesting movie. It attempts to answer the question of what happens after a nuclear attack. While watching the movie one can not help but be horrified at the death, destruction, and chaos caused by the attack. When the warning sirens begin to sound the people in the in the movie scramble for cover, but there really was nowhere to go. That was one of many unsettling truths in the film. While watching one realizes that the initial explosions, which cause much death and destruction, are actually only the beginning. One can not help but wonder if the victims of the initial blasts may have been more fortunate than those who survived them. It is hard to imagine being in a situation knowing that if there is a safe place to be it is hundreds of miles away and having absolutely no way of getting there. As the movie progresses one realizes that after the missiles were launched hope began to fade, and as soon as they were detonated all hope was lost. .
             The film was a great nuclear attack scenario. It showed a lot and covered most aspects. It did, however, lack detailed information. Had the film included detailed information it would have been much better. Only tidbits of information were given by characters due to the fact that the movie was trying to show how uneducated most people are about nuclear weapons and attacks. That is true but, it would have been nice if the movie would have somehow also taught the things that people should know about nuclear weapons and attacks. Due to this lack of detailed information the film is far from a useful tool for education in nuclear weapons. .