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Why i feel i deserve the scholarship

            I feel I deserve this scholarship because I have overcome many obstacles in my life to come out on top. The activities that I have been involved with have helped me grow as a person and have allowed me to reach out a helping hand to the community. The activities that I have been involved with include, among others, Band, Anchor Club and American Cancer Society. .
             -> I was in the Lincoln High School band for three years. I was in the Concert Band for two years and in the Symphonic Band for one year. The band program has helped me to expand my musical ability from middle school and made me more intellectual. I was introduced to many different musicians and this guided me to help in the community.
             -> I have been involved with the American Cancer Society since 1996 due to my grandfather’s death of cancer. The organization helped me get through the tough times and I wanted to give someone the gift of having help through their dark time. I participate with the Relay for Life event by assisting my mother, who is the luminaria director, in collecting the bags and putting them together. I just love seeing the faces of the family members and survivors when they see the bags lit with the candle inside. I just feel like a great person. In January 2001, I donated twelve inches of my hair to the Wigs for Kids Foundation so kids going through chemotherapy would be able to wear wigs instead of having no hair. .
             -> In all I think I deserve this scholarship because of all the hard work and dedication that has been forth to help the community.