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Paying College Athletes

            Should college athletes get paid while they do a sport? This is a question I have asked myself through high school when I was ready to go play baseball up at Husson. If I have to put in that much effort into a sport and can't get a job because of all the time I need to spend practicing, should I make a little bit of money doing it? As college students we have expenses from gas for your car to food to keep you healthy, with no money from a job coming in and parents don't like you begging for money to pay for everything. This is a question that I felt like would be a good topic seeing as it is something that I am very interested in. My claim is that I believe that they should deserve to make something for their time playing. .
             On average a College athlete will spend about 6 hours a day for his particular sport plus the average of 3-5 hours of class. These activities like workouts, training, practice, study group, film, mandatory homework time, and more make it difficult to try to get a job to not just pay for living but for school too. As we all know college isn't free it cost money to go and get an education. For athletes this is even worse due to the fact that they have to travel so its hard to get a set schedule for a job. Colleges offer scholarships but sport scholarships are only offered to division one athletes not divison two or three. Colleges offer work study to with no taxes taken out but even then 10 hrs a week won't add up to that much cash for you. .
             There are a couple arguments against this proposition! They choose to play this sport they shouldn't be complaining about money when this was their choice. If you can't afford it don't play the sport. All of these are good but for me I see it has a momento to do well in school to play something you love and have played your whole life. Some kids work their whole life to go professional in a particular sport, only to see it go down the drain because they need to pay for college and can't play their sport.

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