Macbeth – The Analysis

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The play ˜Macbeth' gives the audience plenty of opportunities to consider the reasons for the main character's actions. Such as his ambition, which drives him to do things he wouldn't otherwise consider, his wife's help in pushing along his ambition along with his influence by evil forces.

It is clear that at the beginning of the play Macbeth is a brave war hero. We find this out in Act 1 Scene 2 Line 16 and that he is also the king's cousin. Is it possible that he has gotten fed up with simply being a warrior? It's been a question hovering in my mind as to why he would kill his own cousin who has given him many awards already, even when his cousin is the King of his country. If he is gotten fed up with being a warrior, the witch's prophecy of Macbeth going to be king might sound very promising. In Act 1 Scene 3 Macbeth has a great willingness to believe the witches. Macbeth clearly feels that he has to kill Duncan after meeting the witch's. Surely if he believed the witches he would allow fate to take

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