Cyber-crimes: Cyber-terrorism and Hacking

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We all know that computers are the most useful and convenient tool in this age. The computer, together with the "all-powerful  Internet provides us with almost everything we could ever want; material things, information, even potential life partners (online dating); thus resulting in the formation of new words such as cyber-space or online connectivity. Cyber-space is defined as a bio-electronic ecosystem that exists anywhere there are phones, coaxial cables, fiber optic lines, or electromagnetic waves (Dyson 1994). Since 135 countries have access, 54 world cities are the major hosts, and 72 million people logon every day, we can easily assume that cyber-space is indeed a very large place and is continuing to expand on a daily basis. In fact, it is tripling in size annually. Even though human beings created cyber-space, it is not of physically manifesting. This means that the only things inhibiting cyber-space are the data being exchanged, concepts or ideas, in a word, knowledge. Technically, no one person or country can "own  cyber-space. It is something that is common for everyone. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this should they choose to exercise this right. But, aside from all of this ha

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