Alternatives to College Parking Lots

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Indiana State University has a problem worth naming and most importantly, fixing! Students from all over Indiana travel to Terre Haute each day to attend class. Other students just drive locally from their house or apartment nearby. Some students have extra curricular activities or jobs that involve traveling by car to one place or another. What do all these people have in common do you ask? The answer is a major shortage of parking spots available in the vicinity of their classes. This problem has been addressed continuously every year and still the problem remains. I will list three ways I believe this problem should be handled and which of those three ways I feel best accommodates the majority of students, faculty, and regulation.

The first solution I would like to bring to attention is the differences between staff and student parking. I believe that staff parking lots should be considered student parking at all times. The students who pay 80 dollars for a parking pass and who end up parking in Long John Silver's or Hardee's(my personal favorite parking spot off campus) is just wrong. This is Terre Haute, Indiana, not New York City. The professors who drive to work everyday and wak

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