Pet peeve

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There are many little things that bother me in life, my sister taking my brand new clothes to school with her, my parents down my throat about every little decision I make, people not saying please and thank you when I seat them at their tables during work, when supposed "gentleman  see you walking and don't bother to hold the door open for you, or how my brother is the slowest channel changer in the world. Believe me when I say, the list is endless. However, now that I have become one of the many drivers on New Jersey's roads, heading my list of bothersome actions is road rage and bad driving habits. It is something that I experience every day.

My definition of road rage is when someone gets angry enough when driving to use their car to deliberately try to make a fellow driver mad or to put another driver in danger. Picture this. You're driving down route 22, the speed limit is fifty-five, and you're doing sixty miles per hour, a safe enough range so that you don't get pulled over. So

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