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Drug abuse

             Has America gone insane over drug abuse? To many people, drug abuse is considered the usage of illegal narcotics! Yet drugs use is all over America! People do not care if it is illegal or not. In the essay, “Drugs” by Gore Vidal, talks about how drug use can cause problems for different people. Vidal feels as though people have the right to live their own lives and have the right to kill them self, if they choose to. His idea to stop drug addiction is simple, just sell it at cost and have a label explaining what risks can come from taking the different types of drugs. That way people know what they are getting themselves into. Like a pack of cigarettes, the surgeon general warns you about smoking and how it can cause lung cancer! Even alcohol has a warning label explaining its effects. What makes it any different from any other drugs? Cigarettes and alcohol can both be addictive but they are not illegal! .
             Vidal explains that even alcohol was prohibited because it caused many deaths. No one in Washington recalls anything but alcohol was banned at one point due to the Demon Rum, which killed thousands of people. Yet people have not learned anything from past decisions. Gore Vidal makes many good points about drugs by relating it to alcohol. By banning alcohol, Congress thought that it would solve their problems and that it would eventually go away. The same problem goes with drugs; by banning drugs it does not solve anything but creates even more trouble. Alcohol and drugs can both be addictive pending on how you use it. .
             Vidal blames the government for being responsible for drug dealers selling to younger kids. People think that making drugs illegal would probably stop many people from doing drugs. What people do not know is it makes people want to do it more. People want what they cannot have. Doing drugs may be a dangerous thing but many people still do it no matter what anybody says.