Gun Control

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The United States of America issued the Constitution to form a perfect union. The Constitution was made to establish a pathway for all United States citizens and regulate rules for all to follow. Over the decades the Constitution has been criticized because of certain controversial issues that the people do not believe are constitutional. One of the issues that is controversial is gun control. Do you believe that there is enough gun control in our country? In our Constitution, stated by the 2nd Amendment, we as United States citizens have the right to "keep and bear Arms." We have the right to own a gun, but is the gun violence getting out of hand? Many may argue that it is, and others may not, but there are always two sides to a story. Everyone can agree that guns are dangerous and can leave a total disaster if used improperly. The principle of this paper is to prove that guns are not the answer. That the United States should regulate more gun control and try to manage gun violence.

A gun is a fatal weapon that can kill anyone and everyone. Many use guns improperly and may threaten one's life over greed and stupidity. Guns are used on the streets of where our future children will be pla

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