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A day I will never forget

            It was a Sunday evening around 6 o'clock or so, one of the many Sunday evenings where I would cruise around with my father in the car. Though this wasn't just any ordinary Sunday sightseeing excursion with my dad.
             We stopped at a red light, and without much enthusiasm observed the sidewalks. A woman, as she walked, fixed the white lacey gossamer slip of her dress. It dragged out of her skirt, obviously making her feel self-conscious. A short, stubby man with an overbearing gut was nonchalantly picking his nose as he ogle the lady adjusting her slip. He stared at her, as though undressing her with his eyes.
             I looked at my father, who was looking right back at me. We both laughed. Being only five years old, I was at an age where I found everything hilarious. The very fact that my father and I were looking at the same scene and probably both thinking how perverted the man seemed made me laugh hysterically. .
             My dad continued to drive. I kept gazing at the scenery of the city, as the sun started to set and the darkness took over. Our little sightseeing trip was over, or so I thought.
             I was so used to the same path we went through, that when my father made an unaccustomed turn, it made me suspicious. I refrained myself from asking him where we were going because his usual reply would be, "Don't worry about it, don't ask where you're going, it’s where I take you okay".
             I had to admit it was an unfamiliar, Suddenly, my father stopped the car; In front of a deteriorated, run-down house, indicating abandonment. "Daddy why'd we stop? Who lives in this ugly old house?" I asked." A friend of mine that I came to pick up", he coldly replied. As though trying to avoid my eyes. He honked the horn several times, startling me.
             I sat there impatiently waiting for this so-called "friend", getting bored as the minutes went by began to wander. My eyes traveled upon two squirrels chattering down a tree engaged in a game of tag.