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In most modern books, movies, and theater, the main character goes through a

journey. There are many journeys a man can undertake, physically and spiritually. Siddhartha

is one that addresses both. Siddhartha is eager for knowledge and seek the path to

enlightenment. However, the path is not as easily found as Siddhartha learns. He

transforms himself to take part in at least three of the Hindu castes in order to achieve his

state of nirvana. Each of the castes helps him learn something and continue to strive on

Siddhartha begins his life in the highest level in the Hindu Caste system,

Siddhartha had already long taken part in the learned men's conversations, had engaged in debate with Govinda and had practiced the art of contemplation and meditation with him. Already he knew how to pronounce Om silently--- this word of words, to say it inwardly with the intake of breath, when breathing out with all of his soul, his brow radiating the glow of pure spirit. (3)

Siddhartha seems determined to follow the righteous path to salvation. He reads

the religious scriptures and performs sacrifices. He converses with religious men and

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