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All that glitters is not gold

            Physical appearance has always been of great importance for human beings. For centuries, poets have written about beauty, musicians have sung about it and painters have portrayed beautiful features on canvas. However, people worry so much about physical appearance nowadays that sometimes it stops being our ally to become our greatest enemy. .
             Our appearance is in many ways our presentation in front of others. The way we dress reveals our personality and taste. It is also something that makes us different, and variety makes humankind more interesting. Apart from this, most people agree that having self-esteem is related to being satisfied with the way we look. Therefore, by being pleased with one's image, it is easier to get by in life and, of course, to relate to other people. .
             However, this is not always an advantage. It is, of course, a privilege to those who match with the parameters of beauty of the society they are part of, but what about the rest? There is nothing worse than being judged by the way one looks and there is, of course, a great difference between choosing to care about oneself and being obliged to do so. Society exerts pressure on people to fit in the patterns of today's concept of beauty, producing, as a result, what may be called 'fashion victims'. The main problem is that most people do not fit in them because they are very exclusive and demanding. As a consequence, we all seem destined sooner or later to be paranoid about "belonging" .
             Anyway, this phenomenon is not something that we (Argentinians) should feel responsible for. Worldwide, people go through the same experiences: being rejected, feeling uncomfotable and even being led on by those who represent beauty and seem to be successful. Like practically everything else in this world, beauty parameters are being globalised. Of course, there exist some important differences that depend on which culture we are referring to.