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teenagers wants and needs

            In the entire life cycle of a human being, the teenage stage is the fun, memorable and sometimes the wild part. In this stage the teenagers experiment everything without caring about the consequences. For most people the life prior to the teenage stage is the most exciting part because there are no worries, everything is fun. When the teenage life begins, most of their behaviors change while adapting various habits. They follow good and bad behaviors as a result of influences from their parents, friends, teachers and the society they live in. these behaviors and social norms combined with enthusiastic nature makes teenagers do various things. The result of their activities gives them the basic knowledge of the real world.
             It is in their teenage years, they step out of the Santa's sleigh in fairy tale books and step into reality of the world where Cinderella is still scrubbing floors and the reindeers are on strike. After years of sad experience they learn that frogs can't turn into princes but princes can turn into frogs but after years of wonderful experience they realize that all that glitters is not gold.
             Teenagers have many wants, let me rephrase that, teenagers have an endless amount of wants that couldn't be explained in a day. But then, there is the problem of teenagers not being able to tell the difference between wants and needs, thus confusing the importance of needs and the hassle of wants.
             The teenage years of ones life could also be called a probation period, for its when their talents, characters and achievements are judged. Most teenagers want to prove themselves and some haven't the slightest idea how to do it. Some try to do it by discovering their talents and performing it to its best, some are mislead and try to prove themselves the wrong way, while some don't make an effort at all.
             A teenagers main goal should be education and awareness of life, but it is in their teenage years that they open their mind and heart, letting everything in their path inside, therefore teens are very likely to be mislead especially if they are not aware of their own needs and wants.

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