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Teenagers in The Fault in Our Stars

            All authors write for a purpose, usually to address certain issues of concerns and controversies relevant in society. In the novel 'The Fault in Our Stars', the author John Green depicts a story containing three protagonists who face the same concerns and controversies in their lives. These characters consist of Hazel, Isaac and Augustus. The author writes about a few concerns and controversies in the novel to portray how it feels to be a teenager suffering with cancer. The novel 'The Fault in Our Stars' is written from the point of view of a sixteen year old girl Hazel Grace Lancaster who, suffers from stage IV Thyroid Cancer. Within the novel Hazel's life is dull due to the concerns and controversies she faces daily. Hazel repeats the same routine every day, her life is an ongoing struggle and Hazel has one friend due dropping out of school 3 years ago. It isn't until Hazel meets a charming, cancer survivor and amputee- Augustus Waters at support group who is there to support Isaac one of her only friends that their worlds collide which causes Hazels life to change dramatically. Once Hazel and Augustus fall in love, the both realise that they face the same concerns and controversies along with Isaac in their lives; this brings them closer as they understand each other more. In the novel the author John Green portrays the lives of these three cancer patients and the issues of concerns and controversies they face on a daily basis. The main issues that Hazel, Augustus and Isaac face are as of follows; the realities of terminal cancer, the fear of oblivion after dying and the importance of pain combined with suffering.
             In the novel 'The Fault In Our Stars' , the author John Green expresses that teenagers with cancer struggle with different concerning issues and controversies in their lives than healthy teens. One of these main issues of concern found in the three protagonists within the novel is; the reality of their illness.

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