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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

            The novel, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is about two teenagers that fall in love, but unlike most other young adult romance stories, there's an irresolvable plots twist in which they both have an incurable cancer. The story is told by one of the main characters Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is a 17 year old cancer patient that is forced to attend a support group because her parents think she is depressed. The support group is where she then meets Augustus Waters who is an amputee which resulted from the cancer. They both know if they were to get in a relationship together, it wouldn't be something that lasts forever. Even though they know this, they begin to grow closer, while making lots of memories during this journey together which makes them forms a bond that may never be broken. This is why John Green is one of my favorite authors just because it may come off as a sad cancer book, but it's nothing but two people that fall in love that have obstacles to overcome. .
             Hazel Lancaster fascinated me from the start by the way she looks at herself as a person. All she wants in her life is to be a normal teenager, this is troubling because where ever she goes, she is obligated to bring her oxygen tank because she cannot breathe without in. In this novel she explains to the readers that she is a grenade, because in the matter of time she is going to explode and hurt the people around her. So her thinking of a well lived life is all about walking lightly upon the earth while she's here so that is the reason behind her being a vegetarian. Hazel also has this strong connection and relates to a book called "An Imperial Affliction," in the point of view of a girl named Ana with cancer who doesn't mess around with the cancer, but the book ends in mid sentence. This strikes a type of anger in Hazel so she tries to come in contact with the author of the book. She gets a wish from her hospital to where she and Augustus Waters, who is also obsessed with the book, go on a trip to where the author lives to just find out that he is a no good drunk that won't give her any information about the book because he has dementia.

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