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The Fault in Our Stars

            There is a scene in "The Fault in Our Stars" where Hazel Grace is at the doctor and her doctor is changing her medicine because her mom thinks she's depressed, but she isn't. In reality depression is a side effect of her dying, a side effect of cancer. The Fault in Our Stars was written by John Green and directed by Josh Boone, there are two main characters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. The story line is about two teenagers who have cancer but find a beautiful love even through the craziness. .
             Takes place in Indianapolis between 2008- 2012. Hazel Grace is 16 and has lung cancer and doesn't want to go to the support group, but she only gives in and goes for her parents. Hazel meets Augustus Waters who is perfect, charming and smart. Augustus has had osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer he lost his leg but is now cancer free. Hazel's favorite book is called Imperial Affliction written by Peter Van Houten. Hazel tried to contact Mr. Van Houten but has never heard back, Augustus contacted his assistant and plans for Hazel and himself to travel to Amsterdam to find Peter Van Houten. On their trip Augustus tells Hazel heart breaking news that changes everything.
             Shailene Woodley who takes on the role of Hazel Grace Lancaster did an amazing job with her role, I believed every second. Ansel Elgort who takes on the part of Augustus Waters also did a stunning job. I clearly could tell that they both fully inserted themselves into their roles. Willem Dafoe who plays the role of Peter Van Houten was cold hearted and cruel, the part that was completely terrible was when he told Hazel and Augustus that they needed attention because they had cancer. Shailene and Ansel also casted in Divergent and Insurgent and they were brother and sister in both movies and they did a tremendous job in those roles also. I enjoyed every second of the movie it was so adorable, but so depressing at the same time.

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