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             Uganda is a country located in Eastern Africa that is bordered by five different countries. These countries are Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Much of Uganda can be classified as a plateau, with numerous small hills and valleys and extensive savanna plains. Seven-teen percent of Uganda is water. The national holiday in Uganda is Independence Day, which is on October 9th. .
             James Makubuya was born and brought up in the culture of the Baganda, Buganda Kingdom. In the south central region of the East African nation of Uganda. He has a Master of Music degree in Western Music, a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology and currently an Associate Professor of Music, Department of Music, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA. Makubuya is both a teacher and a musician. He has published many articles on organology in the Galpin Society Journal. James can play many different types of instruments, and he is an accomplished dancer and choreographer. He has studied with several master musicians from various East African musical traditions. James has traveled to various amounts of cities in Africa, Asia, Canada, North and South America, Europe, and Israel, as performer. In all the cities he presented lectures, lecture demonstrations, and concert performances at academic and cultural institutions, archives and museums, as well as folk and culture festivals. Makubuya is also a recording artists. He has written and performed music for several television documentaries as well as the movie “Mississippi Masala.” James has recorded two CD’s including “Watik, Watik, The Music of Uganda”, and “Taata Wange, Music of the East African Nation of Uganda.” .
             There is no single climate zone in Uganda. It is classified as a ‘Modified .
             Tropical’ climate. Uganda has three sub-climatic zones differentiated mainly by altitude .