Why do people become terrorists?

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What is Terrorism? Terrorism is a catastrophic event that makes people live in fear. If you cause fear, then you are a terrorist. Many people become terrorist because some hate the United States; others hate the way we live, and our government. There are also two types of terrorism they like to use against people: Domestic terrorism, which involves groups or individuals whose plans are directed at our government and our population. The second type of terrorism is International, which involves groups or individuals whose activities are foreign based and directed by countries outside the United States.

The first reason why many people become terrorists is that they are dedicated to their cause religion. The religion that I mean is Islam, which is not terrorist religion, but the terrorists make it out to be that it is. Islamic militant groups do not like the Jewish religion, since the United States has allied itself with Israel that make the U. S. a prime target for terrorism. These people are hell bent to convert people to their ways, even harming people, which they did a year ago. These terrorists think that if they kill people and themselves in the process they will go before Allah and get

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