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            National security has always been important, but since the September 11th incident, it has become even more of a concern. New security measures are being taken to prevent more terrorist attacks against the United States of America. However, some of these measures are ridiculous, such as random searches of people and strip searches of others. These random searches are useless and a waste of time, and, although some may say that it is racist, profiling must be used. .
             Many say that all of these random searches make people feel safer. However, since the odds of finding a suicide bomber are so slim, these procedures might make people feel unsafe, since it may make some paranoid or edgy. The checks just make people come earlier and increase the time to actually get onto the plane. What is more important: A feeling of security or actual security improvements.
             Profiling should be used, since most of the Al-Qaeda terrorists have the same demographics. Most, if not all of the Al-Qaeda terrorists are Arab Americans. There aren't 80 year old nuns or Japanese businessmen in Al-Qaeda. Profiling would be much better than the random searches. Even though this procedure seems racist, it is better than searching people at random. This process is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, with profiling, the size of the haystack can be lowered.
             Many say that they don't care about the random checks, but that is almost never the case. Oftentimes people are annoyed or humiliated with these searches. Who wouldn't think it was humiliating being strip searched. People submit themselves to this treatment because they think that they are doing their civic duty, but they wouldn't if they knew that random searches don't guarantee security at all. Many people say that the searches are stupid, especially the part about taking off their shoes. This is pointless, since the terrorists are bound to think of some other way of getting explosives onto a plane.

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