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             Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus who was born in Salzburg in 1756 was a composer in the classic period, which is considered one of the most brilliant composers that ever lived. He worked in all musical types of his era; in each type of work he was always inspired by something he also produced an extraordinary number of compositions, especially considering his short life. By the time Mozart died at age 35, he had completed 41 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, 17 piano sonatas and 7 major operas, As a prodigy Mozart toured Europe and became widely regarded as a miracle of nature because of his musical gifts as a performer of piano, harpsichord, and organ and as a composer of instrumental and vocal music. Mozart wrote three outstanding Italian operas named: Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, and Così fan tute.
             Mozart was thought by his father how to play the piano since his father was a violinist and composer. By age six Mozart had become an outstanding performer on the clavier, violin, and organ. In 1762 Leopold Mozart took his six-year-old son on his first concert tour through the courts of Europe. The young Mozart absorbed the musical styles of great composers, piano players and opera writers. Young Mozart traveled trough Austria’s capital, Vienna; also trough the German cities of Munich and Mannheim; Paris, France; London, England; and Italy. From 1762 to 1766, while he was often touring, he composed several symphonies, and a number of sonatas for keyboard and violin. .
             In London in 1764 Mozart met German composer Johann Christian Bach, son of Johann Sebastian Bach and since then became great friends. The symphonies of the Johann Christian Bach , stood as models for Mozart’s first symphonies K. 16 and K. 19, written in 1764 and 1765 when he was eight and nine years old. In 1767, at age 11, Mozart transformed piano sonatas by various composers into his first four piano concertos through the addition of interludes and episodes for his orchestra.