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Cold war- a comparison essay books vs computers

             Cold War
             To be or not to be, digital that is. For years now an unspoken battle has
             been raging on between books and computers. As time advances so does technology,
             who needs old books when we can keep a thousand texts on a compact disk. But
             everyone knows computers break and information gets lost. Why not stick to what's
             worked for century's. I think the real question is which is better, the book or the
             computer. It is a cold war that will eventually come to and end. Who will be the victor
             Flipping through page after page after page, I just want to get this over with
             there has to be a better way. That's right, Molly Mappledingle had this same book on
             compact disk. I could just search for what I need and be through with it. "Sure the
             convenience is amazing. But do you really want your 10 year old child hopping his or
             her way through books , says Dr. Alex Dilinger a psychologist from Berkley. "In my day our kids read books to learn morals and attain knowledge. Now a days whatever can get a youngster back to his or her Playstation 2 suffices. This cannot be the way. Don't get me wrong computers are revolutionizing our way of living. But at what cost? 
             The costs of books are down, while technology cost are going up, but what is the cost of information? Picture an accountant trying to do their financial duties to a company. She's trying to do her calculations but there is a problem ¦some pages are missing and just to damaged to read! She tries to make out what they are saying but its no use. What does she do? She remembers that the boss had the numbers saved in Microsoft Excel and she was able to quickly input and send informa

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