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Comparison essay

             There are a variety of technical and non-technical writings that I have come across. In a couple of recent situation, I came across a pair of technical and non-technical writings and never really realize that they were technical, until my introduction to English 1190. Maybe I did realize that the one of the guides for a computer desk was a technical piece, but I simply took the fact for granted. .
             The following website gave me insight and the direction on my technical writing project. http://www.io.com/~hcexres/tcm1603/acchtml/intro.html#about, stated that, "Technical communications "or technical writing, as the course is often called "is not writing about a specific technical topic such as computers, but about any technical topic. The term "technical" refers to knowledge that is not widespread, that is more the territory of experts and specialists. Whatever your major is, you are developing an expertise "you are becoming a specialist in a particular technical area. And whenever you try to write or say anything about your field, you are engaged in technical communications-(1). Which helped me with a better understanding of choosing my subjects.
             The information provided gave me a better insight on choosing two topics to compare and contrast, Computer Desk Installation guide & Fondue use and care instructions. Reviewing the two items I found that they could be both technical and non-technical in their respective writings. For example the fondue instructions would be an example of non-technical because it does not give specific detail on how to follow the instructions. But it does inform the user on specific directions that he or she needs to know in order to use the fondue, such as oils and alcohol to burn while using the product.
             2 .
             It also explains what you can cook and cautionary measures as well. .
             My experience in English 1190 allowed me to become more familiar with such writings that I have come across on a regular bases and pay more attention to non-technical and technical pieces.

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